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Traunsteinera globosa (L.) Rchb., syn.: Orchis globosa L., Nigritella globosa (L.) Rchb.Globe-flowered Orchid, DE: Kugelorchis, KugelstendelSlo.: navadna oblasta kukavicaDat.: July 04. 2016Lat.: 46.21314 Long.: 13.54701Code: Bot_983/2016_IMG0726Habitat: grassland, moderately inclined mountain slope, east aspect; cretaceous clastic rock (flysh) bedrock; full sun; elevation 1.400 m (4.600 feet); average precipitations ~ 3.000 mm/year, average temperature 3 - 5 deg C, prealpine phytogeographical region. Place: Mt. Matajur, 1.641 m (5.384 feet), close to Italian - Slovenian border, above the mountain trail from village Livek to the top of the mountain, East Julian Alps, Posoje, Slovenia EC.Comment: Traunsteinera globosa, a Central and South European mountain plant, is a very beautiful wild growing orchid. It is not really a rare plant; however every encounter with it is a nice experience. Its pink flowers with darker dots and specially the ends of its petals and sepals, which end in delicate, small clubs are unique and easy to recognize. Its species name describes the form of its inflorescence; however the name is appropriate only for plants, which have in fully developed inflorescences. Before that the inflorescence is rather cone like.Flowers of Traunsteinera globosa have no nectaries (organs, which produce sugary, honey-like fluid, which attracts insects). In spite of that it is fertilized by insects. Some studies have shown that the insects don't distinguish well between Traunsteinera globosa and much more common and nectar rich small scabious (Scabiosa columbaria). Authors talk about plant mimicry. Insects do the pollination but there is no reward for this.Protected according to: Uredba o zavarovanih prostoiveih rastlinskih vrstah, poglavje A, Uradni list RS, t. 46/2004 (Regulation of protected wild plants, chapter A, Official Gazette of Republic Slovenia, no. 46/2004), (2004).Pravilnik o uvrstitvi ogroenih rastlinskih in ivalskih vrst v rdei seznam, Uradni list RS, t. 82/2002 (Regulation of enlisting of endangered plant and animal species onto Red List, Official Gazette of Republic Slovenia, no. 82/2002) (2002). Enlisted in the Slovene Red List of rare and endangered species, marked by "V" representing a vulnerable species.Ref.:(1) D. Aeschimann, K. Lauber, D.M. Moser, J.P. Theurillat, Flora Alpina, Vol. 2., Haupt (2004), p 1124.(2) K. Lauber and G. Wagner, Flora Helvetica, 5. Auflage, Haupt (2012), p 1332.(3) B. Dolinar, Kukavievke v Sloveniji (Orchidaceae of Slovenia) (in Slovenian), Pipinova Knjiga (2015), p 169.(4) H. Baumann, S. Kuenkele, R.Lorenz, Orchideen Europas, Ulmer (2006), p 303.(5) H. Kretzschmar, Die Orchideen Deutschlands und angrenzenden Lander, Quelle Meyer (2008), p 238.(6) O. Sebald, S. Seybold, G. Philippi, A. Wrz, Eds., Die Farn und Blutenpflanzen Baden-Wurttembergs, Band 8., Verlag Eugen Ulmer (1998), p 371.

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