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Viburnum-tinus-ssp-tinus L.Laurestine, Laurestinus, DE: Immergrner SchneeballSlo.: nepravi lovorDat.: July 3. 2013Lat.: 44.64223 Long.: 14.39895Code: Bot_729/2013_DSC6984Habitat: Sea shore maquis, almost flat, calcareous terrain, full sun, elevation 10 m (33 feet); average precipitations ~1.000 mm/year, average temperature 16 deg C, Mediterranean phytogeographical region. Place: Adriatic Sea shore, near village Sv. Jakov, island Loinj, Kvarner bay, Croatia EC. Comment: Three species of genus Viburnum grow in Slovenia: Viburnum lantana, Viburnum opulus and Viburnum tinus ssp. tinus. All three have quite similar, small, white to pinkish flowers arranged in large, showy cymes (flat- or round-topped inflorescences) often more than 10 cm in diameter. They are nice and hence widely cultivated. Viburnum tinus ssp. tinus is a Mediterranean plant growing in all countries around the Mediterranean Sea. It blooms in winter. In Slovenia one can find it only here and there in its south-west Sub-Mediterranean phytogeographical region. On Adriatic islands it is a common shrub, sometimes a small tree. Opposite to other two species it has evergreen, entire, leathery leaves and beautifully metallic-blue stone fruits (drupes), which are poisonous. Ref.:(1) I. Schnfelder, P. Schnfelder, Was blht am Mittelmeer? Kosmos (2000), p 204.(2) M. Blamey, C. Grey-Wilson, Wild Flowers of the Mediterranean, A & C Black, London (2005), p 423.(3) A. Martini et all., Mala Flora Slovenije (Flora of Slovenia - Key) (in Slovenian), Tehnina Zaloba Slovenije (2007), p 490. (4) R. Domac, Flora Hrvatske (Flora of Croatia) (in Croatian), kolska Knjiga, Zagreb (1994), p 318.

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