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[syn. Nephrolepis exaltata subsp. hawaiiensis]kupukupu or niaaniau Lomariopsidaceae [Nephrolepidaceae] (Swordfern family)Indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands (All main islands except Niihau)Oahu (Cultivated)The native Hawaiian version of the "Boston fern."Closeup of Hawaiians fashioned the fronds into lei for the wrists and ankles called kpee or as haku for the head.The fern was used medicinally to treat a number of skin disordes by means of bathing in the processed juice.The Hawaiian name kupu means "to sprout." The early Hawaiians would place kupukupu on hula altars so that knowledge would sprout.EtymologyThe generic name Nephrolepis is derived from the Greek nephros, kidney, and lepis, scale, in reference to the kidney-shaped indusia (sori covering).The Latin specific name exaltata, raised, high, lofty, alludes to the upright fronds of this fern.The former subspecies name hawaiiensis* is referring to the place of origin, Hawaii._____* No longer considered as an endemic subspecies. Status is currently as

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