Argemone glauca var. glauca

Image of smooth pricklypoppy


Pua kala, pkalakala, or Hawaiian prickly poppyPapaveraceae (Poppy family)Endemic to the Hawaiian Islands (all main islands; on Hawaii Island restricted to South Point or Ka Lae)Locally common to uncommonOahu (Cultivated)Hawaiian NamePua kala literally means "thorny flower." This is also the name given to a native lobelia (Cyanea solenocalyx) with prickly leaves, found in gulches of Molokai.The name Pkalakala is also used for Polyscias racemosa [syn. Munroidendron racemosum].Even with the toxic background, the early Hawaiians used the bright yellow sap (latex) and seeds medicinally for toothache pain, neuralgia (nerve pain), and ulcers. The sap only was used for warts.EtymologyThe genus name Argemone is derived from the Greek argema, cataract, in reference to the use of the sap of type of poppy reputed to cure cataracts.The specific epithet glauca is from the Greek, glaukos, for blue-green or blue-gray referring to the color of this poppy's leaves.nativeplants.hawaii.edu/plant/view/Argemone_glauca

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