Genetic subdivision in the giraffe based on mitochondrial DNA sequences

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DescriptionAPI English: Figure legend in original article (CC-by): "Approximate geographic ranges, pelage patterns, and phylogenetic relationships between giraffe subspecies based on mtDNA sequences. Colored dots on the map represent sampling localities (see additional files 1 and 10 for detailed locality information).
The phylogenetic tree is a maximum-likelihood phylogram based on 1 707 base pairs of mtDNA sequence (1 143 nt of cytochrome b, 429 nt control region and 135 nt of tRNA) from 266 giraffes. Asterisks along branches correspond to node values of > 90% bootstrap support. Stars at branch tips identify paraphyletic haplotypes found in Masai and Reticulated giraffes." Español: Leyenda de la figura en el artículo original (CC-by): "Rangos geográficos aproximados, patrones del pelaje, y vínculos filogenéticos entre algunas subespecies de la jirafa a partir de secuencias de ADN mitocondrial. Los puntos coloridos en el mapa representan localidades de muestreo. El árbol filogenético es un filograma de máxima verosimilitud sobre la base de muestras de 266 jirafas. Los asteriscos a lo largo de las ramas corresponden a valores de nodos con un soporte bootstrap de más de 90%. Las estrellas en la punta de las ramas identifican haplotipos parafiléticos encontrados en las jirafas masái (G. c. tippelskirchi) y reticulada (G. c. reticulata)". Date Published 2007-12-21, prepared for and uploaded to Commons 2007-12-21. Source Brown, David; Rick Brenneman, Klaus-Peter Koepfli, John Pollinger, Borja Mila, Nicholas Georgiadis, Edward Louis, Gregory Grether, David Jacobs, Robert Wayne (2007). "Extensive population genetic structure in the giraffe". BMC Biology 5 (1): 57. DOI:10.1186/1741-7007-5-57. ISSN 1741-7007. Retrieved on 2007-12-21. Author See source for article authors. Prepared by and uploaded to Commons by User:OldakQuill Permission
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See source for article authors. Prepared by and uploaded to Commons by User:OldakQuill
See source for article authors. Prepared by and uploaded to Commons by User:OldakQuill
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