Infected leaves - undersides

Image of <i>Puccinia violae</i> (Schumach.) DC. 1815


Longitude (deg): -1.1. Latitude (deg): 51.5. Longitude (deg/min): 1° 10' W. Latitude (deg/min): 51° 30' N. Vice county name: Oxon. Vice county no.: 23. Country: England. Stage: Telia (III). Associated species: Viola hirta. Identified by: Malcolm Storey. Comment: on Hairy Violet leaves. Shows: "The few darker sori are telia, the more numerous and paler ones are uredia". Category: macro-photograph. Real world width(mm): 53.93266666667. Photographic equipment used: Specimens directly scanned on Black Widow 9630 SP flatbed scanner.

Source Information

Malcolm Storey