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provided by Memoirs of the American Entomological Society
Symploce lita Hebard (Plate II, figures 16 to 20.)
1916. Symploce lita Hebard, Trans. Am. Ent. Soc, xlii, p. 357, pi. X'II, fig. 8, pi. XVIII, figs. I, 2, 3 and 4. [cf ■ 9 ; records listed in present paper.]
The characters given above to separate the present genus from Ischnoptera and ParcoblaUa, readily separate males of the present species from those of any other found over the regions at present under consideration. In the present genus this species is anomalous in the males having the median segment unspecialized and the supra-anal plate, subgenital plate and styles of an entirely different type from those of the males of the other species of the genus.
In the female the tegmina are decidedly reduced, subquadrate, with characters of venation obliterated; thus differing widely from the other known species of the genus, the females of all of which have the tegmina fully developed. This tegminal reduction in the present species gives females a distinct, though superficial, resemblance to females of Parcoblatta virginica.
Type. — cT ; Key West, Florida. July 4, 1912. (AI. Hebard.) [Hebard Collection, Type Xo. 423.]
Description of Type. — Very similar in general structure to 5. jamaicana, size medium small, slightly larger than in that species; form moderateK' slender, as in jamaicana; slightly more slender than in .S". capitata. Head with eyes large, larger than in jamaicana or capitata. Interocular space three-fifths as wide as interocellar space. Ocelli distinct, with surfaces flat and almost perpendicular to the plane of the interocellar area, their margins there shar])Krounded. Maxiliarpalpi with third and fifth (distal) joints subequal in length, fourth joint slightly shorter. Pronotum of same form as in capitata but proportionately deeper. Tegmina and wings fully developed, as given in generic description, structure of same very delicate. Median segment unspecialized. Sixth dorsal abdominal segment with two moderately deep, small, meso-proximal depressions, between which it is
bibliographic citation
Hebard, M. 1917. The Blattidae of North America. Memoirs of the American Entomological Society vol. 2. Philadelphia, USA