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Trachyspora alchemillae (Pers.) Fuckel, Bot
Zeit. 19: 250. 1861.
Uredo Alchemillae Pers. Obs. Myc. 1 : 98. 1796.
Uredo polymorpha Alchemillae Strauss, Ann. Wett. Ges. 2 : 86. 1810.
Uredo intrusa Grev. Fl. Edin. 436. 1824.
Erysibe Alchemillae Wallr. Fl. Crypt. Germ. 2 : 199. 1833.
Uromyces intrusus Iv6v. Ann. Sci. Nat. Til. 8 : 376. 1847.
Caeoma asperum Bon. Abh. Nat. Ges. Halle 8 : 87. 1864.
Uromyces Alchemillae Wint. in Rab. Krypt.-Fl. li : 146. 1881.
Pycnia unknown
Uredinia hypophyllous , thickiy scattered over large areas, roundish or oblong, 0.20.5 mm. across, sometimes confluent, soon naked, pulverulent, orange-yellow, ruptured epidermis conspicuous; urediniospores globoid, small, 16-21 by 19-24^ ; wall nearly colorless, thin, 1 //, closely and finely verrucose, the pores scattered, obscure.
Telia hypophyllous, at first arising from the uredinia, roimd, 0.2-0.5 mm. across, soon naked, cinnamon -brown, ruptured epidermis evident; teliospores globoid or broadly ellipsoid, 22-30 by 2Z-A0 fj; wall cinnamon -brown, thick, 3-4 /^ or more, coarsely and unevenly verrucose, or sometimes nearly or partially smooth ; pedicel colorless, once length of spore or less, fragile, partially deciduous.
On Rosaceae :
Alchemilla pratensis F. W. Schmidt, Greenland. Type locality : Europe, on Alchem-illa vulgaris. Distribution: Greenland; also in Europe.
bibliographic citation
Joseph Charles Arthur, Frank Dunn Kern. 1912. (UREDINALES); AECIDIACEAE (continuatio), GYMNOSPORANGIUM. North American flora. vol 7(3). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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