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Sphaerocarpos hians Haynes, Bull. Torrey Club 37: 225. 1910
Archegonial thallus oblong or orbicular, 4-6 mm. in diameter, growing in isolated groups, bright-green when dried, the margin lobed and crispate, ascending, the marginal cells generally quadrate, averaging 47 /x; archegonial involucres 1-2 mm. high, sessile, not crowded together nor entirely concealing the thallus, tubular-ovoid, sometimes larger at apex and slightly flaring, the orifice large, of the diameter of the involucre or larger, irregular and entire, the cells at the orifice 26X39 /z, with thick walls; antheridial thallus cuneate to orbicular, 2 mm. in diameter, forking several times, the leaf-like lobes curved over the involucres; antheridial involucres 240-400 M in height, green, becoming brown and purplish with age, their cells, especially those of the neck, thin-walled and non -protuberant; capsules averaging 585 ju in diameter, the bulbous foot remaining attached to capsule; spores permanently united in tetrads, these 66-85 fi in diameter, golden-brown, cristate-reticulate, the crests sinuous, 5 ju high, dehcate, somewhat elevated at the angles, occasionally crossing the boundaries of the spores, anastomosing irregularly, forming closed or partially closed meshes or occasionally running in parallel lines towards the boundaries of the spore, a blunt spine occurring now and then within the areolae, the margin in optical section appearing crenulate to tuberculate.
Type locality: Pullman, Washington. Distribution: Washington.
bibliographic citation
Caroline Coventry Haynes, Marshall Avery Howe, Marshall Avery Howe, Alexander William Evans. 1923. SPHAEROCARPALES - MARCHANTIALES; SPHAEROCARPACEAE, RIELLACEAE; RICCIACEAE, CORSINIACEAE, TARGIONIACEAE, SAUTERIACEAE, REBOULIACEAE, MARCHANTIACEAE. North American flora. vol 14(1) New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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