Volcano Keyhole Limpet

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Fissurella volcano, is a marine gastropod, in the Phylum Mollusca, that survive on the undersurface of rocks (Roy et al 2003).There are many color possibilities for this species:browns, pinks, purples and grays(Tway 2011). It is characterized as a small limpet because its size ranges from 1.27 to 2.54 centimeters(Tway 2011).The northeastern Pacific, volcano limpet, appeared in southern California during the early Pleistocene,"but after its first occurrence it is a common and abundant species in most subsequent Pleistocene faunas "(Lindberg 1991). When fleeing predators, such as thePisaster ochraceus, the keyhole limpet displays a fleeing response to retreat from the approaching predator (Bullock 1953).
Haley Kunert
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