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Potentilla plattensis Nutt.; T. & G. Fl. N. Am. 1 : 439. 1840
Potentilla plattensis pedicellata A. Nelson, Bull. Torrey Club 28 : 223. 1901.
L/ow perennial, 1-2 dm. high, decumbent or spreading, usually with numerous subsimple appressed-strigose stems from the caudex ; stipules very large for the size of the plant, about 1 cm. long, broadly ovate, subentire and often obtuse ; basal leaves many, pinnate ; leaflets 9-17, light-green in color, appressed-strigose or glabrate, obovate-oblong
bibliographic citation
Per Axel Rydberg. 1908. ROSACEAE (pars). North American flora. vol 22(4). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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