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Physarum luteolum Peck, Ann. Rep. N. Y. State
Mus. 30: 50. 1878.
Physarum virescens y nitens Lister, Mycet. 59. 1894.
Sporangia gregarious or clustered, but not heaped, subglobose, sessile, 0.4—0.8 mm. in diameter, rugulose or smooth, bright chrome-yellow; peridium membranous, with included yellow lime granules; capillitium a network of hyaline threads bearing numerous small, yellow, rounded or angular nodes; spores brown in mass, pale lilac by transmitted light, minutely spinulose, 8.5-11 fi in diameter.
Type locality: New York.
Habitat: Dead leaves.
Distribution: Maine to Ontario, south to Pennsylvania and Iowa.
bibliographic citation
George Willard Martin, Harold William Rickett. 1949. FUNGI; MYXOMYCETES; CERATIOMYXALES, LICEALES, TEICHIALES, STEMONITALES, PHYSARALES. North American flora. vol 1. New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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