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Platythamnion pedinatimi Kylin

Platythamnion pectinatum Kylin, 1925:53.

Several collections of this alga represent a northward extension of the known range from Isla San Lorenzo del Norte (Dawson, 1966b). Specimens were collected from the following cruise localities: off the east end of Isla Mejía, Puerto Refugio, Isla Angel de la Guarda (lat. 29°33′35″, long. 113°34′52″), 15.3–23 m depth, 23 Apr 1974, JN-5697 (US) and JN-5698 (US), (leg. JN); off the west side of Roca Blanca, Puerto Refugio, Isla Angel de la Guarda, 23 m depth entangled with Sporochnus, 21 Apr 1974, JN-5263 (US), (leg. JN), and JN-5289 (US), epiphytic on Dasya (leg. JN); and off the south end of Isla Estanque, 10.7 m depth, 27 Apr 1974, JN-5522 (US), epiphytic on Sebdenia polydactyla (leg. JN and KB). One additional Gulf collection has been reported from Cabo San Lucas, Baja California del Sur (Dawson, 1962; Wollaston, 1972).
bibliographic citation
Norris, James N. and Bucher, Katina E. 1976. "New Records of Marine Algae from the 1974 R/V Dolphin Cruise to the Gulf of California." Smithsonian Contributions to Botany. 1-26. https://doi.org/10.5479/si.0081024X.34