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Pinnipedia is a class of mammals. There are 36 species of Pinnipedia, in 21 genera and 5 families. This class has been around since the oligocene epoch. It includes groups like Eared Seals, Walruses, and Enaliarctidae. They are carnivores. Reproduction is viviparous. They rely on lift powered swimming to move around.

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  • Definition: Hydrofoils, or fins, are used to push against the water to create a normal force to provide thrust, propelling the animal through water. The reduction of fin cross-sectional area helps to minimize drag, and therefore increase efficiency. Regardless of size of the animal, at any particular speed, maximum possible lift is proportional to (wing area) x (speed)<sup>2</sup>. Dolphins and whales have large, horizontal caudal hydrofoils, while many fish and sharks have vertical caudal hydrofoils.
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