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Camarophyllus basidiosus (Peck) Murrill
CUtocybe hasidiosa Peck, Bull. N. Y. State Mus. 12; 5. 1888. Hygrophorus basidiosus Peck, Bull. N. Y. State Mus. 116: 57. 1907.
Pileus rather thin, convex to expanded, umbilicate or centrally depressed, sometimes cespitose, 3.5-4 cm. broad; surface glabrous, hygrophanous, grayish-brown and striatulate on the margin when moist, dingywhite or grayishwhite when dry: context whitish; lamellae adnate or subdecurrent, distant, incurved or nearly plane, thick, whitish with a violaceous tint: spores subglobose, 4^5 fx: stipe firm, equal or slightly thickened at the apex, glabrous, whitish or pallid, 2.5-5 cm. long, 2-4 mm. thick.
Type locality: Sandlake, New York. Habitat: Woods and swamps. Distribution: New York.
bibliographic citation
William Alphonso MurrilI, Gertrude Simmons BurIingham, Leigh H Pennington, John Hendly Barnhart. 1907-1916. (AGARICALES); POLYPORACEAE-AGARICACEAE. North American flora. vol 9. New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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