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Phemeranthus palmeri (Rose & Standl.) T. M. Price

Comprehensive Description

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Talinum palmeri Rose & Standley, Contr. U. S. Xat. Herb. 13:
284. 1911.
An acaulescent perennial herb, 2-4 dm. high, with fleshy tuberous roots covered with dark-brown scales; leaves terete, 3-9 cm. long, 1-3 mm. thick, acutish; inflorescence a cyme, bracted at the forks; peduncles slender; pedicels slender; flowers 15 mm. or more in diameter; sepals ovate-orbicular, 3 mm. long, 2.6 mm. broad, obtuse or acutish; petals obovate, 8-10 mm. long, 3-3.5 mm. broad, white; stamens 5-8; stigmas subcapitate; capsule ellipsoid, 3 mm. in diameter, triquetrous; seeds black, 1 cm. wide, with several concentric subcircular ridges on the side.
Type locality: Otinapa, Durango.
Distribution: Northern Mexico.
bibliographic citation
Percy Wilson, Per Axel Rydberg. 1932. CHENOPODIALES. North American flora. vol 21(4). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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