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Cercidium floridum Benth.; A. Gray, I'l Wright. 1: 58. 1852.
Parkinsonia Jlorida S. Wats. Proc. Am. Acad. 11: 135. 1876. Cercidium macrum I. M. Johnston, Contr. Gray Herb. 70: 64. 1924.
A small tree, about 6 m. high, or lower, the trunk up to 2.5 dm. in diameter, the glabrous or puberulent branches armed with spines 6-10 ram. long, or sometimes longer. Petiole 4-7 mm. long, sparingly pubescent, or glabrous; pinnae 1 pair; rachis 4-12 mm. long; leaflets 2-4 pairs, usually 3 pairs, oblong to obovate, rounded or retuse, sparingly strigose or glabrous, 4—6 mm. long, 2-3.5 mm. wide; racemes short, corymbiforra, 3-6-flowered; pedicels 6-10 mm. long, glabrous, or sparingly inibescent; calyx glabrous, 5-6 mm. long; petals about 10 mm. long; ovary glabrous; legume flat, oblong or linear-oblong, 3-6 mm. long, 8-11 mm. wide, about 2 mm. thick, sometimes a little narrowed between the seeds.
Type locality: Northern Mexico.
Distribution: Texas to Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon.
bibliographic citation
Nathaniel Lord Britton and Joseph Nelson Rose. 1928. (ROSALES); MIMOSACEAE. North American flora. vol 23(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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